Tips to be Productive on the Go

Trying to run your own graphic design business can leave you with a million and one things to do. If you’re just starting out, it’s even harder because you might not have your own office yet and you’ll be trying to fit in work whenever, and wherever, possible.

You’ll find yourself getting the laptop out on a bus, train, plane journey or even when you pop into a coffee shop in-between client meetings. It’s easy to go unprepared for working like this. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and result in you not being as productive as you’d like.

Not to worry. We’ve put together some top tips which will allow you to make most of working on the go.

Map out your journey 

It’s important that you plan your journey for the day. If you’re popping out to several meetings, you’ll need to be aware of which method of transport you’ll be using and when. Keep up to date with your train/bus schedules – is there an app you can download to make it easier? This will free up more time to relax and concentrate on work and because you won’t be worrying about whether you’re going to be on time for the next meeting.
We’d also recommend mapping any places where you’re likely to stop whilst on your travels, such as a coffee shop, library, or even a local park. This takes us on to our next point… 

Make use of charging points and hotspots

Always take advantage of charging point or hotspots - even if your laptop is almost at full charge and you’ve got plenty of data left. If you don’t, you just know that you’ll run out at the worst possible time, such as during an important client meeting. So, play it safe, and plug it in! 

Have the essentials 

It sounds obvious but make sure you pack everything that you’ll need to work whilst out of the office. The essentials should include a laptop/tablet, charger, internet dongle, phone, diary, pen, and any relevant paperwork.
If you’re a designer that likes to make physical sketches of your work, consider how you might digitalise that method. Excess paperwork takes up space and is likely to get damaged with regular traveling. Everyone is different, of course, but as long as you prepare beforehand, you should be fine. 

Get a suitable bag 

Invest in a travel bag that’ll be suitable for your needs. The key features we’d recommend looking at are size, comfort, and safety. Obviously, you’ll need a bag that is going to fit all your items in. You’ll then need to check if you’re going to be comfortable carrying it. Do you prefer a backpack or shoulder bag style?

Lastly, you’re going to be carrying essential items that need to be kept safe. Does your bag have a zip or seal that’s going to keep items secure in busy, public locations? If you consider all these options, finding which bag is best for you should be easier. 

Use these tips to be more productive whilst on the go.